Why are Internships Getting so Competitive?

It’s a pretty good guess that the reason you’re here is that you’re finding it difficult to land an internship or maybe you’re just one curious individual.

Internships bridge the gap between college education and Industrial expectations.

They play a crucial role in your resumes.

Because if you were hiring someone, who would you choose, someone with experience or without?

Internships help provide that experience and teach you real-time industry-based skills that every employer wants.

Did you know around 76, 000 students apply for internships every day!

Statistics show that 65% of students that land a job as fresher had at least 2 internships on their Resume.

Also, 70% of students who do an internship, usually get hired as full-time employees.

Well, I do hope you understood the importance of internships.

Unfortunately, the more important a thing is, the harder it is to get.

Still here? Well, I wouldn’t leave you all scared now, would I?

I’m gonna share with you some tips which will help you land your dream internship and maybe even your dream job.

Internship portals and college placement cells help students get internships every day.

They’re not going to bring internships to your front door, so start applying!

Have a company that you dream of working at?

Well enlighten them about your existence and just apply through their website.

Are you on Social Media? Instead of staring at your favourite influencers, start looking for social media posts from organizations.

They’re actively posting if they are hiring or offering any internships.

LinkedIn is one of the most trusted professional platforms, you will find more internships than you can apply for.

Well if you’ve already done all that and still can’t get an internship offer.

Then maybe you should take a relook at your resume, explore options like Internship fairs, create a strong portfolio with your best works and build a strong network connection.

I’d recommend you explore and upskill yourself through various courses and boost your chance of landing an internship!

Hope this was helpful.




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